You are looking for the ideal service provider for to organize all or part of a private or corporate event?

DON’T PANIC! LCV helps you to pass for a real event manager to your friends, family or colleagues, while guaranteeing you services and personalized support for your projects, and all this at the best price! Whatever the event is to honor, certain actors in tourism (Hotel, Aparthotel, Residential leisure park) put their know-how and their network of partners together to save time so that you can fully enjoy your day with your guests.


Baptism? Wedding ? Birthday?

WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH A MOMENT IN OUR LIFE, where we work for days, weeks or even months to organize an event for us or a loved one that will make everybody cry with joy. Instead of doing it at the classic city hall in free management, have you ever thought of a custom-made formula?


Yes it is not a dream! Today, many tourism professionals are diversifying their activities in order to offer you turnkey packages that will concretely meet your needs.

Gone are the days when you had to find a caterer, a space and a place to sleep at the risk of getting behind the wheel after a festive evening. Aparthotel, hotel or residence, there is no shortage of properties to offer you an unforgettable moment in complete safety.


With a simple email, by phone or via specialized platforms, share your project and easily choose the expected services in order to benefit from a custom-made event. Music groups, caterers, accommodation on site, private parking lots – all elements that will ensure you to have a good time in peace.


Seminar? Team building? Conference? Congress ? Integration weekend ?

ARE YOU A MEMBER OF A STUDENT BUREAU or a member of a work council and looking to organize a professional event? Again, many establishments offer secure places with suitable infrastructures and adequate IT / office equipments such as computers, overhead projectors, printers, etc.

The events meet several objectives depending on the target audience :

  • Internal motivation of employees
  • Strengthening team cohesion
  • Maintaining the link with present and future customers
  • Promotion of the company, projects, prospects or products

To summarize, corporate events create value : creation of human value (developing human capital, at the level of the team and the individual) ; creation of corporate value (developing the corporate culture and internal communication) ; creation of commercial value (develops business opportunities).



Tailor-made formula

Depending on the number of guests, the desired atmosphere, the type of room, the type of catering, several propositions within your budget are made. You are accompanied at each stage to validate the various providers.

A la carte service

Scenography, photographer, DJ or musicians, caterer, florist, entertainment … We offer the services that suit your desires and your budget.


One of the great advantage of creating an event in a hotel/residence is the fact of being able to offer your guests accommodation on site. This will allow you to be able to feast in good conscience!


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